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Wave a flag at Watford as Football expo looms

The Football Industry Day at Watford's Vicarage Road on Thursday May 22nd looks alike a winner already. With clubs from the Premier to Non league making their way to the event, there is superb variety of exhibitors covering a range of football areas including new ideas and products.

One such is BagFlag - the brainchild of Phil Brunger, who after visiting a famous car museum in Stuttgart, Germany, left the museum with a branded flag placed in a plain white non-branded bag.  Like many of the greatest inventions, the idea came to him in a moment of inspiration.

“Millions of Bags and Flags are sold globally each year, both in promotional and retail market sectors”, said Phil.  “I saw a unique opportunity to combine these two very effective promotional devices into one simple, easy to use product.”

The product features a simple flagstaff that slides in and out of the bag stem, allowing it to be adjusted easily for its intended purpose. 

“The BagFlag can support your promotional and merchandising campaigns perfectly”, said Phil.   “It can be deployed at exhibitions or product launches, shown as a flag to draw in the crowd and then given away as bag.  Flip that around and events can hand out BagFlag with products inside the bag, with secondary use as a flag at an event later on.  This would work fantastically well at sporting events, charity events and exhibitions.”

More details about the product are available at www.bagflag.com

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