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Skrill Conference side Salisbury City announce new owners

Skrill Conference side, Salisbury City have announced that the club has new owners.

A consortium of Dubai based Moroccan-born businessman Otail M.Touzar and local businessman Mark Winter reached agreement for the transfer of all shares in Salisbury City football club Limited.

The terms of the deal are confidential.

The new owners would like to thank the outgoing chairman William Harrison-Allan, Jeff Hooper and all other directors for their contributions over the last five years, and for making the transaction as smooth as possible.

Winter said he is delighted that the club is safe and have found an investor with extensive knowledge of football, who is well placed to stabilise the club and help it to develop on a sensible commercial basis.

Otail Touzar added: “I am happy to be involved with Salisbury City FC and want to thank my partner Mark Winter and everyone who made this possible.

“This is just a first transaction of a series of major football club investment deals in various countries currently in process and to be announced over the course of the summer.

“I look forward to working with all club stakeholders to ensure a bright and sustainable future for the Salisbury City FC.”

Salisbury finished a comfortable mid-table 12th and had a decent cup run which saw them lose to Leage 1 Port Vale in Round 2


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