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Former Watford, Wigan and Birmingham striker Marlon King jailed for a third time


Marlon King was jailed for 18 months for dangerous driving, after an incident on a dual carriageway in April 2013, which left a man hospitalised for three weeks.

King played for 12 clubs during his career, with his most prolific spells coming at Gillingham, Watford, and later Coventry and Birmingham.

This is the third time he has received a prison sentence since his playing career began The first came in 2002 whilst he was at Gillingham, when he was jailed for 18 months for handling stolen goods, when he was found driving a stolen BMW. He was released after five months.

The second, and perhaps more notorious, came after an incident in 2008, at a Soho night club involving a 20 year old woman, who ended up with a broken nose. King was charged with sexual assault and put on the Sex Offenders Register.

He was playing for Wigan at the time, who unlike Gillingham, who stood by King, immediately sacked him. After his release he had spells at Coventry City, Birmingham and Sheffield United before retiring earlier this year.

His latest incident occurred when he was driving along a dual carriageway and undertook a man who he believed was driving too slowly. He slammed on his breaks, forcing the man to do the same, with a third car then sending his car into the back of King's.

The man in the car, Mr Beck, spent three weeks in hospital and had surgery on his arm, but King initially drove away from the scene, before a witness flagged him down as they believed Mr Beck was dead.

King initially blamed Beck but changed his stance and admitted that he had been reckless, especially as he was at the time eating a McDonald's ice cream.

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