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Arsenal's 5-1 defeat to Liverpool prompts murder

An insane story have broken out of Kenya regarding a murder stemming from Liverpool’s 5-1 defeat of Arsenal on Saturday.

Standardmedia.­co.­ke have reported the crazy tale of how a local Arsenal supporter killed a Liverpool fan outside a pub in Meru following the Gunners humiliation at Anfield. According to the story:

Anthony Muteithia, said to be a passionate Liverpool supporter died while being treated at the Meru Level Five hospital, after allegedly being stabbed by an enraged Arsenal fan.

The Arsenal fan is said to have been angered by the Liverpool fan, who was celebrating at every goof the Arsenal side suffered.

The tension reached its peak as the referee blew the final whistle, by which time, Arsenal had already been hammered five goals by their hosts. Unable to contain his anger, the Arsenal fan is said to have stabbed the Liverpool supporter, leaving him for the dead outside the bar.

The report also depressingly reports that local police have no leads on the assailant, although the media outlet stress that a “manhunt” in currently in operation.


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