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Premier League: New rules to be introduced this season to improve treatment of head injuries

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The Premier League is to introduce new rules on how to deal with head injuries from the start of the 2014-15 season.

A player suffering a head injury must now leave the pitch and the club doctor must decide if a player is capable of continuing, not the team management.

Home teams in Premier League matches are also required to have a third 'tunnel' doctor who can offer support to both club doctors during the match, whilst also consulting replays of any incidents to help reach a decision about the severity of the player's condition, and whether thye can continue.

The Premier League will also have it's own doctor, who will be in contact with all 20 team's medical staff, to keep them informed of any medical issues. Every Premier League player must now also have a baseline neurological test to determine their recovery time should they siffer from a concussion.

The FA is also trying to raise awareness on the issue in conjunction with the PFA and LMA by starting an awareness campaign aimed at all levels of football about the danger of suffering a concussion.


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