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UEFA President Michel Platini insists that FFP is there to benefit, not hinder, football clubs

UEFA president Michel Platini has maintained that their Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, which will be implemented this season, are not there to hinder clubs.

The FFP rules are there to ensure clubs do not spend more than they generate through their revenue streams, which range from TV rights to shirt sponsors. Any clubs in European competition who have not met these sanctions will be brought before UEFA in the spring.

 UEFA has spent the summer handing out punishment for another big problem in Europe- match fixing. Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Metalist Kharkiv were all handed European bans for match-fixing offences.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: “It is a work in progress. Sanctions will be decided upon. Do not think we are going to take five to 10 clubs out of the European competition. Definitely that would be the very, very last straw. If we have repeat offenders okay, yes, they will have to be punished severely — possibly. We are not out to kill the clubs. We want to help the clubs to grow. We are trying to regulate football.”

According to UEFA, the figures show that its FFP regulations are already having a positive effect on the financial affairs of European clubs, after announcing a Eur600 million reduction in the aggregate losses of top division clubs in the last financial year, something which has nto happened for the last six years.

FFP rules only concern clubs participating in European competition, and has not bearing on domestic leagues, speaking on this subject Platini said

 “That is a problem. We can take care of the clubs taking part in our competitions but I have nothing to do with the English or French championships or Italy. We have no influence on the national competitions. The structures of UEFA do not allow for that. The presidents of the national associations want to run their own competitions. The national associations are the bosses of UEFA.”

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