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New FA chairman Greg Dyke outlines his visions for the English game, including changes to the Premier League


Greg Dyke wants to focus on bringing through more English talent, as well as setting out targets for Euro 2020 and Qatar 2022.

The Football Association chairman laid out his vision for the future of football in England at a keynote speech in London, setting the target of victory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and at least a semi-final appearance at Euro 2020.

But Dyke warned that unless changes are made to reduce the number of foreign imports and increase the number of English born players, these targets will be beyond England's reach.

Dyke himself will head a commission to investigate the reduction of English-qualified who play in the first team of Premier League teams.

And Dyke said the FA would be "letting the country and thousands of England fans down" if it did not deal with what he called a "frightening trend" in English football at the moment.

"Do we let the trend continue or do we do something about it?" he said. "What happens when the number goes from 32 to 25 to 20 to 15?"

"Do we still ignore the problem or do we act now? English football is a tanker that needs turning."

"Why has it happened? What can be done? How can you make changes? The FA has to up its game, but all of English football has a problem. All of English football has to find a solution."

 Dyke was keen to illustrate that the did not want to impair the premier League; "It is crucial that English football finds a solution without undermining the undoubted success of the Premier League."

"We don't want to kill the golden goose in the search of the golden egg but we do have to do something if the English team is to prosper in the future. "

In terms of competition, Dyke had his sights set high:

He said: "The two targets I have for the England team are - one, to at least reach the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Two, win the World Cup in 2022."

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