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FA withdraw bid to host Euro 2020 finals

The English Football Association has supposedly backed out of its bid to host the UEFA Euro 2020 semi-finals and final, following Turkey’s bid for the fixtures yesterday.

Euro 2020 will mark a drastic change in the structure of the tournament, with matches being played in over a dozen countries a single or joint hosting nations. Today marks the deadline to submit Euro 2020 bids to UEFA, who will officially announce the bids on September 20th, with a decision being announced on September 2014.

The Turkish Football Federation made an eleventh hour bid to host the semi-finals and final, just days after Istanbul lost it's bid to host the 2020 Olympics, the same city which will now be proposed to host the Euro final.

With Turkey fielding a strong bid for the finals, it is thought the English FA will instead turn their attention to the less glamorous group stages, with reports from the associated press suggesting that the German FA have opted to do the same.


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