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Australian Football Federation may sue FIFA if Qatar 2022 is moved to winter

The controversy over the proposed winter switch for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar has taken another turn, with the Football Federation of Australia indicating they may sue FIFA is the move goes ahead.

Australia were on of the nations who made a bid to host the 2022 World Cup, but lost out to Qatar. All potential bids for the event were made on the basis that it would be held during the summer, and indeed when Qatar won the bid their bid was no exception.

However, with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, it has been proposed that it be moved to winter, where the temperatures are milder.

This has caused outrage amongst many parts of the footballing world, given the disruption to the domestic leagues, in Europe especially. A FIFA committee will meet at the beginning of October to make a decision on the switch.

The problem from Australia's perspective is that the bid was accepted for the summer, and if it is moved to the winter, then Australia, as well as the other failed bidding nations, should be able to make proposals for the winter dates.

Frank Lowy,  President of the Football Federation of Australia has said that they will seek compensation, having spent £25.27 million on their bid which obeyed the summer procedure.

In a statement the Australian Federation said: "FIFA's 3 October meeting should consider the following: An in-principle decision that just and fair compensation should be paid to those nations that invested many millions, and national prestige, in bidding for a summer event."

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