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Premier League snub Greg Dyke's FA panel


FA chairman Greg Dyke has confirmed that the Premier League will not join his new FA commission to develop English talent, although former England manager Glenn Hoddle will sit on the panel.

Hoddle, who was sacked as England coach 14 years ago after making controversial comments about disabled people, has recently been working as a pundit for Sky Sports.

Speaking to Sky Sports News: "Glenn will be on the commission, and there will be others, although the Premier League will not be on the commission itself, but they have been very helpful."

"They have a very good research base and they will let us have access to much statistical data but they don't want to be on the commission and I can understand that."

Despite Dyke's amicable response to their snub, the lack of Premier League officials on the panel represents a massive gulf in the priorities of the England's two biggest governing bodies.

Whilst success for the national side would naturally benefit the domestic top flight, the grumblings about the amount of foreign players in the Premier League could have further ramifications.

Speaking on Hoddle, Dyke continued, "Glenn has done a lot of work on this. He has coached overseas. He brings us a wealth of experience - both as and England manager and as a club manager - who is passionate about getting kids through the system. I think he will be vary valuable to us."

"The truth is we have become a finishing school for the rest of the world at the expense of our own players. I have been pleased with the collective response within the game and there is now a lot of work to be done."

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