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Brighton & Hove Albion's CEO Paul Barber runs for charity


Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton & Hove Albion FC, who was recently awarded the title of Overall CEO of the Year at the annual Football Business Awards, has agreed to run the 2014 Brighton Marathon in aid of the stadium's neighbouring charity The Whitehawk Inn.

The Whitehawk Inn is very much the charity in East Brighton that passionately serves Paul's local community. The staff there are thrilled and delighted to have such a distinguished runner on their affectionately named team, Team Whinn.

The charity, whose runners have competed in the race for the past two years, will offer Paul and Team Whinn their full support in terms of training and nutritional advice as well as supporting their fundraising efforts.  However, it is unlikely that Paul, a keen runner already, is going to need much advice regarding his fitness regime!

The Whitehawk Inn, a charity that is dedicated to helping people in Brighton & Hove who might otherwise have little or no opportunity to find their way into education or the work place, is many people's answer to a prayer.  It has helped 9000 local people of whom 700 have made their way into work and an incredible 5,700 have taken courses of which 1,350 have gained a qualification, vastly improving their prospects for a bright future.

Football, as we know, welcomes an audience from all walks of life and it is particularly fitting that Paul whose position could, to some, suggest a prestigious role in the industry, has readily agreed to show his personal support to those who are less fortunate and who need a hand in finding a route to their own success. He said  "I'm looking forward to running my first ever marathon to support The Whitehawk Inn and members of our local community.

"Having visited the Inn just a few weeks ago, I was very impressed by the facilities and the work Frances Duncan and her team do there."

Mark Buckle, a local businessman and Albion supporter, who has run a previous marathon for The Whitehawk Inn and will run for the charity again next year, had this to say "It is great that Paul Barber has recognised the charity and invaluable facility at the heart of one of Brighton's largest communities. His presence, running for WHINN will forge immeasurable benefits and recognition for the Inn and it's services recipients".

Stephanie St James 

The Brighton Marathon 2014 will take place on Sunday 14th April 2014.

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