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Liverpool ticket price rise upsets Anfield club supporters


Liverpool have announced a six-tier pricing system, which will see prices increase by up to 9% in some areas of the ground, although prices in the Kop have been frozen.

But some fans say next year's season ticket rises are an "insult" to loyal supporters.

According to their website Spirit of Shankly said: "In the midst of austerity, with redundancies and cutbacks a daily reality for many supporters, these inflation-busting price rises are an insult to long-standing supporters who have already suffered a massive 716% price rise since 1989.

"While the announcement regarding Kop season tickets is a relief to many, it is our belief that ticket prices are already too high, pricing out many of those that kept the club on its feet during its darkest days."

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre on announcing the new prices, said the club gave "careful consideration" to ticket prices and pricing over the past two years.

The most expensive full adult ticket for the 2013-14 season will be £850 an increase of just over 5%. The cheapest season ticket sells at £710.

Liverpool FC said season tickets in the Kop will remain level or reduced. The cheapest season tickets at neighbours Everton will be £427 next season. 

He also defended the changes saying: "Over the past two years the club has given careful consideration to ticket prices and pricing structures in consultation with the Supporters Committee.

"Following last year's price freeze, this year we have reviewed our overall stadium pricing structure and, similar to many other Premier League clubs, from next season we will also be introducing a multiple-tier pricing structure which will more accurately reflect seat location and view."

Liverpool currently has the ninth most expensive season tickets in the Premier League, with Arsenal season tickets selling at £1,955.


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