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Liverpool’s activity off the field deflects transfer talk

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With so much interest recently about Luis Suarez imminent transfer it was announced in the Liverpool Echo that Liverpool are set to submit a planning application for its proposed £150m redevelopment of Anfield before the start of next season, according to managing director Ian Ayre.

The Premier League club has been trying to buy up houses in nearby streets since October’s announcement that it would pursue redevelopment rather than develop a new stadium.

The  Echo reports that just “a  handful” of around 90 houses which  need to be demolished to make way  for the expansion plans  have yet to be purchased – a process that should be concluded over the next two months.

Ayre said: “Our goal is to extend Anfield. But we need certainty and that comes with the acquisition of properties. Real progress has been made in acquiring them. Once they have all been acquired we will go through the planning process. We would expect to be in a position to make that a certainty this summer. Once planning has been achieved then we can start construction.”

Anfield currently has a capacity of 45,500, with the redevelopment set to boost this figure to around 60,000.


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