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BBC Sports personality launches Hoops Aid to continue Olympic legacy

Innovative National Sports Charity, Sportstraider, will deliver the first ever Charity Basketball event of its kind, Hoops Aid, at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park on Sunday, 15th September 2013  -

On Sunday, 15th September 2013, the Copper Box will open its doors to the first of its kind Charity Basketball event, Hoops Aid, conceived and designed specifically by its founder, Lance Haggith, to drive the Olympic and Paralympic legacy at grassroots level and to demonstrate how fun, accessible and inclusive sport can be.

Hoops Aid is set to be a highly entertaining and interactive fundraising event featuring basketball as the key sport. It is proposed to take place every 2 years, on the alternate year to Soccer Aid. Hoops Aid differs from Soccer Aid in that it will feature disability sport by means of an exhibition wheelchair game involving Battle Back soldiers, truly inspirational athletes facing the Hoops Aid challenge.

Sports Celebrities, Celebrities, and professional basketball players past and present from the National Basketball Association (NBA), the British Basketball League (BBL), Team GB, the GB Paralympics team and the Battle Back soldiers are all coming together to play basketball and have fun raising money for leading national Sports charity, Sports Traider.

Hoops Aid organiser, and founder of Sports Traider, Lance Haggith said: "Hoops Aid will be a wonderful celebration of sport.  My aim of the day is to ensure everyone goes home smiling, having had a great day and enjoyed themselves immensely and being inspired by what they have seen.

"I launched the idea because I wanted to keep going the momentum generated by the Olympics and Paralympics where a nation was united as we celebrated our sporting heroes. Many opinions were changed about sport and disabilities at the Paralympics in particular where traditional barriers came tumbling down as we watched sport not disability.

"Hoops Aid, as well as being great entertainment, will demonstrate how accessible sport is whether you are able-bodied or disabled."

Lance, who was voted BBC Unsung Hero Sports Personality of the Year 2010 for setting up the Sports Traider charity and helping in his community for over 30 years added: "Hoops Aid will be a perfect example of the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy and it is fitting that it is taking place on the Olympic Park itself here in London." Lance received further recognition by the Prime Minister in 2011 by being awarded a Big Society award for making a difference in the community and in 2012, our Olympic year; Lance also had the great privilege of running with the Olympic Torch.

Hoops Aid doors will open at midday and there will be live action right from the start.  In addition to the all stars basketball game, an exciting programme will include a live performance from rapper EckSell, a slam dunk competition, a fantastic display of basketball tricks and skills plus much much more.

Supporting the event are the National Basketball Association (NBA), the British Basketball League (BBL) and English Basketball (EB), The Battle Back Soldiers, Canterbury, Spalding, and Adidas.

Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster:


Pictured: Drew Sullivan GB Captain, Jamel Anderson also GB and Matt Elwell from Battle Back soldiers – sport at every level allows individuals to focus on what they can do, rather than what they can’t.

About Sports Traider
Sports Traider is a national sports charity whose aim is to create a level playing field by helping disadvantaged and disabled kids to have access to sports kit, equipment, and sporting opportunities in order to help them get into sport regardless of ability, disability or background.

Sports Traider does this by running a number of retail sports stores with able and disabled volunteers selling affordable donated sports kit and equipment. All the money raised in the stores goes towards providing sports opportunities and coaching for disadvantaged and disabled young people in the community local to that store.
www.­sportstraider.­org.­uk , twitter.­com/­sportstraider1, facebook.­com/­sportstra­ider­li­mited

About the BBL
The BBL - British Basketball League - is an independent company owned by its member clubs, which runs the top men's professional league in the UK. Each club has an equal shareholding in BBL and has a representative on the BBL Board of Directors, thus is a part of all decision-making. There is a central BBL office, from which league-wide administration, marketing and media is undertaken, although the clubs are spread across the country.

About the Battle Backs
Battle Back was launched in 2008. It is not a charity - it is an MOD initiative based at Headley Court near Epsom.

It exists to ensure the seriously injured have access to the same opportunities in sport and adventurous training that are currently available to the able bodied.

Through Battle Back, a tri-service organisation, seriously injured service personnel are encouraged to participate in sport and adventurous training as part of their rehabilitation process and beyond.

Battle Back makes a huge difference in lives, both physically, mentally and emotionally.


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