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Referees Association's General manager leaves

Football News 24/7
Referees are known for keeping their own council most of the time and true to form the Referees Association Official website has hardly lifted the lid on recent events at HQ.

A simple announcement on the website this week said:'We regret to announce that Phil Joslin ceased to be General Manager of The Referees' Association by mutual consent with effect from the 7th January 2013. The Board would like to thank Phil for his contribution to the Association'

According to Saturday's Daily Mail though the changes don't stop there. Chairman Nigel Genner and former Chairman Colin Harris have resigned over an expenses probe. The pair were found to be in breach of the Associations rules after claiming expenses for hospitality after an eve of FA Cup Final rally.

According to the Mail, 'The sums were not excessive but the busget concious Association had decided only travel costs could be reimbursed as kick-off had been moved to 5.15 pm.'

New Chairman Albert Astbury said: 'There was an expenses policy which the two gentleman didn't follow. There was a culture inside the organisation that had to change. But we have re-launched ourselves.'

You wouldn't know it if you visted the official website however.www.footballreferee.org



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