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Port Vale top League Two but also look to the past


Football News 24/7
Port Vale fans are being encouraged to have their say about the club and embrace its future… by celebrating a little bit of its past. As the club welcomes a bright, new era under new ownership, Port Vale is proposing to update the club crest for the 2013-14 campaign – and it wants all Vale supporters to have their say on the proposed change.

In a nod to players and supporters past, the proposed crest will carry the strap-line ‘For all who have gone before’ – recognising the history of the club and how this has shaped the Port Vale of today. The crest was originally introduced onto the players’ shirts in 1956, in an era where record-appearance maker Roy Sproson flourished. Should supporters vote for the change, the reinstated crest will make an appearance on home, away and third shirts next season.

Chairman Paul Wildes said: “It’s been very clear since we took over that Port Vale supporters are rightly proud of the club’s history and desperate for Vale to return to better times.

“Every fan has their own abiding memories of their time supporting Port Vale – whether that be their first game, shared times with a relative, memorable matches - or even the birth of a child.

“We want to recognise the history and heritage of supporters and players alike who have helped to shape the club today and embrace this as part of our future. We believe that reintroducing a former crest for next season, along with a strap line which recognises all who have played their own unique part, will help to do this.”

Paul added that consultation with the supporters was key to this decision.“This is not a proposal we have taken lightly and it’s important that fans have the opportunity to share their feelings with us,”

He went on;“We hope that Port Vale supporters embrace this decision and welcome their views.

“Similarly, the club is proud of Stoke-on-Trent’s industrial heritage and we also want to reflect this in the kit. We will be announcing a number of plans in the coming weeks which will recognise this aspect of our history too.”


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