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Italian club AS Roma announce stadium plans


Football News 24/7
Following on from the announcement in the summer that Italian Serie A giant Inter has sealed an agreement that will enable a Chinese consortium to secure a significant stake in the club, and a partnership had been agreed to develop a new stadium comes the news that AS Roma's American owners are doing the same.

Inter, along with city rival AC Milan, has played in the 80,000-capacity San Siro stadium since 1926 but has been exploring the potential of developing a new home for some time now. This search is likely to have been intensified after witnessing the success of Juventus’ new stadium, which opened last season. Another club, Udinese announced plans to commence work in 2013 on their stadium as Italian clubs get development fever

The construction of a new stadium has been a priority for Roma president Jim Pallotta since acquiring the team in December 2011. The location for the new stadium will be Tor di Valle in the southwest part of the city. Roma’s new stadium will have a capacity of 55,000 to 60,000 and will be developed and managed by leading Italian real estate firm Grupo ParsItalia.  

According to an official bulletin:“­Building a new stadium for AS Roma has always been our goal,” said Pallotta. “We will construct a stadium that will deliver an unparalleled experience for our passionate and loyal fans, as well as one capable of hosting a Champions League final in the near future. This will also provide global brands the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience through this truly unique platform – elite football in Rome in a world-class stadium.”

Roma and city rival SS Lazio both currently rent the Stadio Olimpico, which was developed for the 1960 Olympic Games, from the Italian Olympic Committee. The stadium seats 72,000 and features a running track, a common trend in Italian football that has contributed to criticism over poor atmosphere at games.

Luca Parnasi, CEO of Grupo ParsItalia, added: “The construction of a new stadium for AS Roma will not only strengthen the team’s global presence; it will also contribute to the revitalisation of the distressed Italian economy, creating more than 1,000 jobs in the next 24 months. I thank all the institutions, from the Municipality of Rome to the Lazio Region and all the other Italian institutions who will give their total support for the project and demonstrate to foreign investors that projects of this size can be a great success in Italy.”


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