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Swindon takeover delayed even as club go top of League One


The turbulent times at Swindon look set to continue for now as events unfold both on the pitch and in the boardroom at the club.

Swindon beat Tranmere last night to reach the summit of League One, but after the game caretaker boss Fabrizio Piccareta announced that on Wednesday he and the rest of the backroom staff will be resigning, not wishing to be at the club without the man who brought them there, Paolo Di Canio.

Di Canio resigned last week due to what he felt were 'broken promises' by the club and the new owners, led by Jed McCrory.

With no backroom staff to speak of, the club have turned to two of the club's senior players in Darren Ward and Tommy Miller to take charge of matters on the pitch, whilst the takeover is finalised and a new manager is chosen.

The club released a statement saying: "This initiative has the full support of the prospective new owners, allowing them the opportunity to assess all of the applications that have been received in relation to the vacant managerial position and take a considered view for the long-term benefit of the club."

The new owners met with the board today after their takeover, which should have been completed last night, had to be delayed after unpaid fees for a loan player could not be resolved. 

With such uncertainty having surrounded the club all year, it seems that the players are impervious to it's effects on the pitch, as their rise to the top of League One demonstrates.

But with Di Canio gone, and no backroom staff, there will be a lot of interest around Swindon's next League game against Preston on Saturday.
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