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Man United's pitch gives Sir Alex Ferguson cause for concern

Football News 24/7
Man United face Fulham for the second time in a week on Saturday, in London, but back in Manchester the Old Trafford pitch is under scrutiny.

Boss, Sir Alex Ferguson said the pitch had "collapsed" over Christmas and, after his side's win over Southampton on Wednesday, that the playing surface was "a worry".

"We have to hope for better weather and a bit more sun," said Ferguson.

“It's not good. We're changing the whole pitch in the summer but we've got 10 days before Everton now and 10 days before Reading. We're getting more sunlight now as well and that will help in terms of regenerating it. It's definitely a bit worn out, in my mind.

'On Wednesday there was a lot of water before the game, which helped us in the first half. But in the second it dried out and that made it difficult for us. The grounds men work their socks off. He's as concerned as anyone and he's disappointed with how it is at the minute.

'We’ve got 10 days before Everton so hopefully that makes a difference. It's not been the same since that game against Newcastle and the deluge of rain. We've had this pitch now for a number of years and it's been great. If you go back before that we had to renew it maybe once or twice a season.

Although that helped it was never perfect. The turf would lift out sometimes. We've declined to replace the turf at the moment because we believe Tony (Sinclair) will get it right.

 'We've got the artificial lights on it all the time. We also have to hope for better weather and a bit more sun. That really helps. The more light we get the better it is for the pitch.”

Ferguson put faith in the chief Old Trafford groundsman to solve the problem with the playing surface, which has not been replaced for nine years.

"But there's no question it's still recovering from those two games over Christmas.

"That killed us and it's never been the same since."



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