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Cheltenham Town Ladies want No More Page 3 Campaign as shirt sponsor


Cheltenham Town Ladies FC are hoping to raise enough money for The No More Page 3 campaign to become their new shirt sponsor.

The 'No More Page 3' campaign has been trying to get national newspaper The Sun to abolish the Page 3 feature, which shows topless women, and is in all publications of the paper save for Northern Ireland. The Saturday edition of the paper is also without Page 3 girls.

Up until now, the Sun has refused pleas to stop publishing daily photographs of topless women, despite the campaign having 128,000 signatures on it's online petition. 

First team captain Kirsty Dunleavy said of the deal: "We talked originally about traditional forms of sponsorship but wanted to do something different. We're all very supportive of the campaign so we're delighted to be doing this."

 "We believe this will not only will this be good for the club but for the promotion of women's football in general."

Another team member, Natalie Berry, said: "We think the idea is fantastic. Everyone in the club is behind it, including the male members. They all wanted us to run with it."

Club chairman Andy Liddle was quick to agree with the players, who said the idea was quickly seized on by the team. He said "It's all happened within weeks. The club contacted the campaigners through Twitter, and the response was rapid and positive."

Cheltenham Town Ladies FC runs two teams and both will carry the "No More Page 3" logo.

People are being invited to donate on the Just Giving site which states that it is time to "send off Page 3," with a target of just £2,025 needed to secure the sponsorship.

A statement by the club on the campaign website says: "If just 200 people give us £10 each, we can achieve our goal and the campaign logo will travel with us all across the south west of the country every match day."

"Through this we hope to highlight the work of No More Page 3 and show our support for their goal."

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