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Foundation of Heart gives plans for proposed ownership of Hearts FC


Foundation of Hearts have set about showing they can safely takeover Hearts FC by releasing an outline of their proposal.

The Foundation is creating two separate entities, named BIDCO and FANCO, to work together with the aim of 
agreeing a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

That would allow Hearts to exit administration with the fans’ umbrella group as new owners.

BIDCO will be financially backed by local Edinburgh business figures, whilst FANCO represents the supporters behind the biggest fan ownership movement in Scottish football history.

Ukio Bankas are the club's biggest creditor presently, being owed £15m by the club. Ukio Bankas' administrators view £5m as an acceptable figure for a CVA and the Foundation will now prepare another offer, once they have spoken to their investors. The Foundation had a proposed CVA of £3m rejected by the administrators.

Ian Murray MP, chairman of Foundation of Hearts, said today: “The bid team working on behalf of the Foundation will set up BIDCO to provide the capital resource to buy the club, backed by Edinburgh business."

“On agreeing contractual terms with BDO to acquire the club, the BIDCO/FANCO partnership will be created to deliver fan ownership in a controlled fashion. Doing so allows the club’s finances to be stabilised, and for there to be an orderly and calm transition to supporter ownership."

“The BIDCO/FANCO partnership delivers multi-layered protection both now and for the future of Hearts. It’s a win-win situation."



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