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Wembley Stadium- help needed to decorate the stadium!

Football News 24/7
Students from schools and colleges across Essex have been challenged to increase awareness of The FA’s Respect Programme, and winning posters, short films or graphics could be displayed at Wembley Stadium if received by Monday 15th April.

The search is on for the promotional materials with the most imagination and flair to help The FA impact on poor behaviour in football. Winners could see their artwork featured at an exhibition at Wembley... perhaps even on the big screen!

Other ideas for consideration could be splash pages, short films, radio adverts, apps or podcasts. Those judged to have submitted the best entries will be guests of The FA at a big game, and will also receive a commemorative FA Respect plaque for their school or college.

Football is the world’s greatest game for a good reason. It has the ability to thrill, to unite communities, create unforgettable moments and inspire future generations. But the passion and pride that fuels the game is sometimes crossing the line into bad language and abuse. Players, their coaches and fans aren’t always supporting the beautiful game.

Many people have different expectations and may choose to walk away. Sometimes it’s a referee who’s tired of people telling them how to do their job, a young player put off by the demands of an over competitive coach or a parent who just wants their children to play in a more supportive and positive environment.

The Respect Programme was launched at the start of the 2008/09 season as a response to widespread concern as to a loss of referees driven out of the game by verbal and physical abuse. Four seasons on, there is evidence of more officials - who are happier and safer - while Premier League and Football League dissent cautions have reduced by 17%.

There are three categories (Primary/­Middle, Secondary and Further Education/­Colleges) and The FA will acknowledge all entries with a certificate. To see the existing range of adverts, guides, resources, codes of conduct, posters and comic book stories, visit www.­thwww.­thefa.­com/­my-football/­more/­respect. efa.­com/­my-football/­more/­respect. . The deadline for submission is 15th April and entries should be E-Mailed to respect.info@thefa.com.

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