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Blackburn's interim manager comes back from India after meeting with Venkys


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Who knows if interim manager at Blackburn Rovers,  Gary Bowyer will remain in charge of the club next season, but the caretaker boss has revealed that he did raise supporters’ concerns about events at the club when he met Venky’s in India this week.
Bowyer’s trip to Pune to meet the owners hit the headlines this week, with some feeling that the timing of the invitation was inappropriate – given the importance of today’s home game against Derby.
But the caretaker manager’s trip was arranged on the suggestion of operations director Paul Agnew and Bowyer is confident it proved to be a worthwhile exercise, at a time when there has been so much uncertainty about events at Ewood.

A total of five managerial changes this season have frustrated players, staff and fans alike, with Bowyer taking temporary charge for a second time after Michael Appleton was sacked last month after only 67 days at the helm.
The driving force behind Appleton’s exit, global advisor Shebby Singh, was not in the meetings between Bowyer, Agnew, managing director Derek Shaw and the owners – despite being in Pune at the same time.
Singh’s return to England has been delayed once more, with the global advisor potentially now not returning to Blackburn for a couple of weeks while he awaits the formalities of finalising an extended visa

According to the Lancashire Eveing Telegraph, the primary reason for Bowyer’s visit to India was to receive reassurances that he would stay in charge until the end of the campaign, he also used the talks with Venky’s chairman Anuradha Desai to raise one or two issues he felt needed addressing.
“I had over an hour’s chat with her,” he said. “I’ve been at the club for a long time and we’ve all got opinions about what’s gone off over the last so many years here.
“I saw that as an opportunity to put one or things to her for the good of the club. I can’t reveal what was discussed but it was an opportunity for someone within the club who has been here a long time and who cares to let people know how they feel and what they think, and that includes supporters.
“It was a chance to get clarification on my position and just offer one or two of my opinions.
“That was my opportunity, but the main focus was to get clarification on my role for the good of the players and myself.”
Following Appleton’s exit, Rovers released a statement confirming Bowyer would take charge until the end of the season.
But the 41-year-old was wary that they did a similar thing at the turn of the year, saying he would be in charge until the end of January – only for Appleton to be appointed midway through the month.
Asked if he had feared the same thing might happen again, he said: “It was possible. You look at the amount of people we’ve appointed this year so of course that was a little bit of doubt in my mind.
“It can be done in a phone call but talking face to face is better with anything in my opinion and that’s what it was. I needed to remove any negativity surrounding the managerial position and team selection, for myself and the players.
“I understand what people are saying about the timing of it, but if we kept going on with this negativity surrounding the manager’s position and it had an affect on team performance and it got to the end of the season and I thought, ‘I wish I could have done this, I wish I’d gone and seen the owners, why didn’t I get clarification on that?’, then I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.”


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