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Was Rangers removal from the SPL legal?

As Rangers chief executive Charles Green explains in a statement:

"Lord Nimmo Smith has said that Rangers FC is a recognisable entity which continued in existence notwithstanding the change in ownership,"

"He also stated that Rangers FC, the club, includes its owner and operator.

"The commission has in effect ruled that Rangers and its history did not die on 14 June, despite numerous reports to the contrary.

"This means that Rangers FC and its owner, i.e. me and my consortium, remained a member of the SPL even after the change of ownership.

Green claims Lord Nimmo Smith's recent words show the club should not have been forced to reapply for Scottish Premier League membership.

The high court judge is heading a SPL commission investigating player contracts under the regime prior to administration.

Green says the judge had indicated that "newco" Rangers remained an SPL member.

"If the Commission is correct about this recognisable entity then the SPL and SFA must be wrong in making that entity apply to join bodies it was already in.


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