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Video: The Transmission Reactions test with Jenson Button

pmlthelab by Physiological Measurements is a purpose built human performance and assessment centre featuring the latest technology and equipment backed by world class staff.

The concept of the Lab is to provide a comprehensive facility where athletes of all standards and disciplines can get access to the very best treatment, equipment and advice to improve their performance or get help to achieve personal goals.

Improving human performance is not about just one element, not about one discipline of medicine, sport science or one type of therapy. It is about many and the holistic approach will ensure the optimum outcome. By talking to you, measuring and assessing you, we are able to find out an awful lot about you and then decide on a programme of improvement, injury prevention or performance maintenance.

The Lab is one of the leading Sports Medicine and Sports Science facilities in the UK which provides any athlete of any level a chance to improve their training and performance.
The Lab is equipped with the latest equipment designed to mirror rehab and conditioning facilities found in elite sports medicine facilities backed up by our staff of sports physicians, physi­ot­he­rapists, strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionists.

The Batak Pro Reaction Challenge

Watch the Transmission Reactions test with Jenson Button:


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