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Manchester United cash in on Shinji Kagawa

Manchester United's have announced a new three-year global partnership with Yanmar, Japan's leading engineering company who have a 60%+ share in the world’s sail-boat engine market.

In 1957 the company founded the football club now known as Cerezo Osaka, which is where current United player Shinji Kagawa began his professional career.

Takehito Yamaoka, chairman and president of Yanmar, said: "Since establishing its own team in Japan back in 1957, Yanmar has been championing the sporting ethos football creates, such as hard work, determination and excitement. Many of these traits are still the core values of Yanmar today.

"With Manchester United’s popularity and presence in Asia and the world, Yanmar is confident that this partnership will promote the company’s global presence and activities.

United commercial director Richard Arnold added

"Like Manchester United, Yanmar is steeped in history, this year celebrating a centenary of creating ground-breaking state-of-the-art technology in its field.

"With 659 million followers United has a huge global audience and through our alliance we hope to introduce Yanmar and its expertise to some of our key markets. In return Yanmar will help us in our desire to engage with our nearly 4m Japanese followers."


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