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England's U17's Physio explains the importance of confidence in life

When Mick Rathbone was head of the medical department at Everton he would tell his stories from his playing and managing days to all the players on a daily basis as part of the pre training warm up. He explains;

They would all laugh loudly, even the ones who couldn't speak English! They would all say that I should write a book.

Of course, I knew that I wasn't famous enough to write a book based solely on my career because I wasn't high profile enough but I knew that within those thirty five years of funny stories there was a deeper, more salient theme that could justify the writing of a book.

That theme was that of confidence, or rather the lack of it, and the deleterious effects that lack of confidence could have in professional sport or indeed any walk of life. So I sat down, took out a pen and wrote, and wrote and relived all those terrible moments when the confidence had left me and I couldn't perform and the boos of the crowd were ringing in my ears.

I wrapped the whole nightmare up in the fabric of those funny stories that everybody loved so much and produced a book that I believe has real merit, a real message and thoroughly deserves to rub shoulders on the bookshelves of Waterstones and WHSmith with autobiographies of much more famous players. In part two I will tell you how those scruffy sheets of A4 paper ended up in every major bookshop in England!

To get your copy of Mick "Baz" Rathbone’s book, the "Smell of Football" click here


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