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Poland v England postponment chaos

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Around 2,500 England fans travelled to Warsaw for the postponed Poland v England game. Unlike the team, many will not be able to make arrangements to stay over for the re-arranged fixture on Wednesday afternoon. Flights and hotel  are in many cases fixed as part of official packages or through agencies and cheap airlines.

The game desended into chaos and was postponed, eventually, because of a waterlogged pitch. But only after an hours delay when it was obvious even to TV viewers that conditions were getting worse not better.

The FA's Adrian Bevington said compensation is "something we are looking into, but I can't give any final decision on that".

It is not yet known how many England fans will be able to attend the match when it finally takes place nearly 24 hours late.

Mark Perryman, from the England Supporters' Club, was in the stadium and said: "There was one announcement. The lack of information for the fans was absolutely appalling. "

But Bevington, who is managing director of Club England, said: "There's nothing but respect for those fans who travelled.

"We are extremely disappointed for them. Whether a lot of them will be able to stay over and watch the game I am not sure at this stage.

"I am sure many will be travelling back tonight on the scheduled planes so it has a massive impact on them. But we had to look at it from a safety point of view and there is no way that game could have gone ahead. We have to protect the players, that is the primary concern."

As reported on the BBC, Simon Gover, 32 from Milton Keynes: "We arrived an hour before kick-off, 8pm local time. It was very wet, the rain was getting heavier. We'd been in the town from lunchtime and it had got heavier as the day went on , but it was really heavy from 7pm.

"I'm on a tour with two friends. The ticket for the game cost me £35 and the tour, a day trip, was roughly £220. All-in-all I've probably spent more than £300. I was up at 03:45am this morning to get to Gatwick for a flight at 07:30am.

"My flight home is at 00.30am local time, I'm due to arrive back at 02:00am British time. I'm up for work again at 05:30am... this is one I'll take up with my insurance company but I suspect I'm not going to get anything back."

The episode is embarrasing for the home nation, as the stadium has an overall roof, but despite the forecasts this was not closed.


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