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Newcastle face "fit and proper" sponsor call

Sponsorship has long been under the spotlight with tobacco companies being subject to health concerns and the latest business under the spot light is short term loan companies who charge morally unacceptable interest rates.

Wonga is the latest to face censure after recently signing a reported £8m per season to have its name on Newcastle United's shirts.

Magpies’ season ticket holders and Labour MP Ian Lavery in the House of Commons has condemned the deal.

The Wansbeck MP demanded a Westminster debate to scrutinise if short term loans companies should be allowed to promote their businesses on the national stage.

He said: "Will the Leader of the House make time for a debate on sports sponsorship, with the ultimate objective to put in place a fit and proper companies test for future sponsorship at major sporting events?

"I name the likes of Atos and Wonga which, in my belief, are companies which are pretty dubious to be able to sponsor major events in this country."


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