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England look to end a big week with a win in Poland


England's team have been making the headlines both on and off the pitch in what has been a historic few days for the national side.

The week heralded a new beginning for English football with the opening of St George's Park, a brand new state of the art training facility that is to be used by all levels of the England side, from Under 15s to the senior squad for both the men and women's side.

The facility is an attempt by the F.A to keep in touch with the elite of Europe like Spain and Germany who have been producing young, technically gifted players seemingly from a production line as they look to dominate international football.

However, the occasion was marred by two cases of England pros lashing out on social media site Twitter, the aforementioned players being Chelsea duo Ashley Cole and Ryan Bertrand. Their actions  incurred fines and further controversy  following the F.A hearing on the John Terry racial abuse scandal.

Ashley Cole, team mate of Terry, could have made his 99th and 100th caps for his country over the two qualifiers, but his attack on the F.A has  threw his involvement in to doubt. Indeed he was subsequently 'rested' for England's 5-0 win over San Marino, but should feature tomorrow against Poland.

During the opening of St George's Park, F.A President Prince William joked with Cole about his behaviour, which is perhaps slightly inappropriate given the F.A's hard-line approach to the situation.

Ultimately, the results Friday's match and tomorrows encounter will fade in significance when compared to the future rewards the national side hope reap from the new home.

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