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Charlton sack club stalwart


Football News 24/7
The local media including the Kent Sport News were suggesting back in September that  Charlton Athletic’s Development Officer, Rick Everitt, was to leave the club.
According the the KSN

'Everitt is a man of strong opinions which may not have endeared him to the new regime. Hugely prominent in the Back To The Valley campaign a quarter of a century ago, Everitt has also covered Charlton for the Mercury and was of course editor of fanzine, Voice Of The Vallley.'
Like fellow VOTV founder, Steve Dixon, Rick went on to head the club’s Communications Department before taking on his current role.
Valley Express was Everitt’s brainchild and he has been instrumental in many of the club’s ticketing initiatives to swell the fan base.
Steve Kavanagh and Everitt were the club’s representatives at the Fans Forum meetings so it remains to be seen if the group will continue to function.'

The rumours proved to be right and Everitt confirmed his sacking last week but the club have so far failed to say on what grounds.


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