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Arsenal will go top of the FFP Premier League

Arsenal boss Ivan Gazidis has said the club are the perfect example to follow as Premier League clubs to get ready for the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules come into effect from next season.

The Gunners having recently posted a healthy pre-tax profit, Gazidis believes they the model could be adopted by more clubs as they look to become self-sustaining by 2018.

The Gunners chief executive said: "Arsenal were operating this way a long time before football looked at it and decided it would be a good path for football to move into.

"I think people believe money can be spent without consequence and if we learnt anything from the financial crisis the world has had over the last few years it has to be unsustainable spending and unsustainable environments don't last forever.

"I think football is in a fantastic position to address this because we are in a position where I am very optimistic for the future of football. The revenues the game generates, particularly the Premier League's position, is fantastic.

"This is a very successful UK industry and it deserves a lot of credit for that. This is a great time for us, when things are going well, to address issues of unsus­ta­ina­bility while we can because as we've learned addressing them from a position of weakness is never a satisfactory way to do it.

"The Premier League owners are coming together: I think there is a developing consensus around the fact we need some form of tighter financial regulations to make sure as we look forward that the interest of the Premier League, its clubs and the fans are well protected.

"(And) we are running our league on a sound financial business model and taking advantage of what this league has to become the world's leading sports league."


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