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World Cup back on track in Brazil

The question mark over Brazil's ability to provide an infrastructure and upgrade of stadiums to hold the 2014 World Cup by FIFA has Brazil’s Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo stating that the country will be ready to stage the tournament.

Last Thursday, Rebelo said that Brazil is spending US$15.9 billion on the tournament and an additional $212 million on each group building or upgrading the 12 stadia.

“The World Cup is a majestic and a very important event,” said Rebelo, as reported by Bloomberg.

“But Brazil has done more important and more difficult things.”

“Criticism is something natural in a democracy,” Rebelo said.

“Nobody can expect to do anything in a democracy without being subject to the filter of criticism. We welcome every criticism with a very open mind. We will fulfil our duties and commitments and we’ll hold a World Cup just like the US, Europe and Asia have done before. We trust it will be a big success for both Brazil and the world.”


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