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TV Rights up for grabs for Premier League games

The broadcasting rights to the Premier League in the UK are once again up for the highest bidders for the 2013-14 to 2015-16 football seasons.

There are 154 matches available split into five packages of 26 games and two of 12 games to "improve competition" and limit one broadcaster dominance.

To create “a more attractive and compelling offering for both broadcasters and fans” no bidder will be allowed more than 116 games although Sky Sports are again likely to get the lion's share.

The Premier League are also to create two "near live" long form packages each containing 226 matches, plus an Internet-based clips package for all 380 matches.

The Premier League have tried to keep the sacred Saturday 3pm kick offs although once again the kick off times will vary with some reported to start at 8:30pm.


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