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Time to get behind England boss Hodgson says FTD

Football News 24/7
The most surprising thing about the appointment of Roy Hodgson is not the fact that he got the job ahead of Harry Redknapp and others (the FA said they had a list of several they considered and it was never a two horse race) but that some people - particularly elements of the media were surprised.

Hodgson has a fine CV and very few English managers could profess to have that - and he is believe it or not - the first England manager to be appointed who already had international experience at a senior level.

Reading today's tabloids you would be forgiven for thinking this was just about the worst decision for football - but it really smacks of sour grapes. The media at large got it wrong.

It's time to forget who might have got the job, and football fans in general and the football industry should rally round and support Hodgson in any way they can.

We all know England are in a difficult group having never beaten Sweden in a competitive arena, facing one of the home nations in the Ukraine and of course France who like England have a point to prove after a disastrous South African World Cup. But on their day we have the players to get through.

The only criticism you can level at the FA is that they might have acted quicker to give the new boss more time to get to know the players and pick a squad. But Hodgson has said that he has enough time - England have enough quality to do well with the right man at the helm. Until proven otherwise Hodgson has to be given full support in our opinion.

FTD Managing Director George Moss emphasised the point:

'Football is not immune from the current recession, but the boost of a good Euro 2012 could make all the difference. Not just to the immediate benefits for pubs and supermarkets and sports retail, but for football in general. In the past when England have done well ticket sales have improved for football generally the following season.

'I always thought Hodgson was a likely choice and criticising the FA is a negative approach that we don't need right now. Football has to be forward facing and positive as an industry. It's what the fans deserve.'



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