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Bolton in historic deal with Adidas

Football News 24/7
Bolton Wanderers announced yesterday that their 22 year long shirt sponsorship deal with Reebok would end. For 2012/13 season Adidas will supply all first team wear, training wear and associated products in a four year agrrement
The switch has been mooted for some time as the Adidas-owned Reebok brand moved away from football, associating itself more with athletics and fitness wear. Reebok is a Bolton born brand and as such there are no plans to alter the  stadium beraing that name until at least 2016 according to the club.

Commenting on the new deal which will see the new first team shirt bearing Adidas branding launched in June, commercial director Gareth Moores said: “It represents a huge deal for the club,” adding “Adidas are probably the world’s biggest football performance brand.
“It’s a great outcome for all parties because Reebok can focus away from football but still retain their heritage statement through the naming rights to the stadium. Of course, there’s a logic there because the whole brand was born in Bolton.
“But it also means we can embark on this fantastic new relationship with the world’s leading football brand. Commercially, it’s a really big deal for us.”

Commenting on the new shirts Moores said: “I think they will like what they see,” he said. “We are expecting the retail business to perform very well this season, driven to a large extent by this successful partnership.”
Although relegation to the Championship will mean a shortfall of more than £30million in television money, Moores is confident that the commercial arm of the club remains in good health after increasing profits in the last 12 months.
More than 5,000 season tickets have now been sold for next season, and the club retain an optimistic view for the year ahead despite the drop in standard.
“In many ways we’ve had a good year commercially,” he said. “Our sponsorship is at record level, our retail business is strong and up year-on-year. It’s been well publicised that our attendances continue to grow and I think we’re looking at a 15 per cent increase since 2007.
“It’s really positive and though we haven’t been able to hold on to our Premier League status, we head into the Championship in a really good position.”


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