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Manchester City in the money with Premier League success

Champions City received a record share of £60.6million from Premier League broadcast payments for last season.

Even bottom side Wolverhampton received over £30m which shows the fact that compared to many other leagues the split of the cash is not skewed towards the top clubs.

Richard Scudamore, CE of the Premier League added:

"The Premier League's income distribution mechanism rewards sporting success in the League while also guaranteeing a significant amount of broadcast revenue to each club in order that they can plan from one season to the next,"

"It has been a fantastic season, arguably the best of all the 20 Premier League seasons, and the clubs deserve huge credit for the quality of football on show throughout 2011- 12.

"We believe the way we distribute broadcast income plays a part in allowing each club to compete at the highest level."

Each Premier League club receive £13.7m from domestic TV money, £18.7m from overseas broadcast rights and £755,000 for each place they finished in the league.

Plus each club receives around £570,000 for each live TV matches - at least £5.7million but in Manchester United's case £13.5m after taking part in 26 live TV games.


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