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Economy needs an England boost

Football News 24/7
England effectively kick-off their Euro 2012 campaign tonight in Norway. Euro 2012 starts officially on June 8th. As well as today's game England also face Belgium before the competition proper strats next month.

Ironically, whilst in previous campaigns the hype has almost overtaken events, everything seems low key. The public and the media still seems unconvinced that Roy Hodgson is the right man to lead England. Had 'peoples' choice Harry Redknapp got the job we are sure the weight of expectation would have been far greater.

In that regard the FA may have handed England an advantage. Hodgson's low key approach takes the pressure off and that might translate itself into results on the pitch.

If England win today as the experts at www.­footyinsider.­co.­uk expect it could be the strat of a big five or six weeks.

England doing well is good for the economy. Not just sale of merchandise, but the knock on effect in pubs and clubs, supermarkets and on the high street can't be under-estimated.

As FTD Managing Director George Moss says:

'In these tough economic times football has come under pressure financially. Season ticket sales are down at many clubs as people watch their money. A good England run will give the game a boost which can only benefit everyone.'

'I personally think Hodgson was a good appointment and am confident England can do well - I hope so.'


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