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Ebbsfleet United calls for local business support

Ebbsfleet chairman Jessica McQueen has called on local businesses to help break the club free from a life of financial constraints.

Mrs McQueen was voted in as chairman by MyFootballClub members last week and she is already conducting a campaign to boost the club’s coffers.

She said: "All football clubs face huge challenges unless some millionaire benefactor comes in. I would be lying if I said we were flush.

"We need people to invest long-term and if the price is right, to join the board. We need people with business acumen and with a local interest who can help support the football club.

"I find it disheartening when bigger companies in the area just think we’re ‘only Ebbsfleet’ but the longer people think like that the longer we will be ‘only Ebbsfleet’.

"We need local businesses to give us a chance and come onboard. Once they do that, they will realise just how close they can get and how exciting it can be.

"At somewhere like Chelsea, it could be sterile when you are one of many but here you can be somebody."

A meeting on Thursday has been planned to agree the 2012/13 budget, which will then be voted on by the members of MyFootballClub.


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