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Chelsea will not win Premier League

There were special circumstances that worked in Chelsea’s favour in the Champions League this season.  Andreas Villas Boas said that the squad was too old and ironically it proved a great motivator after he had gone as the players wanted to prove how wrong he was. You can argue Chelsea had all the luck going but that would not do Di Matteo credit. He had a game plan – it wasn’t pretty – but it worked.

The recent dissention from Drogba tells it all, Abramovich told AVB to move the old guard out and then sacked him when results slipped. In steps Di Matteo an ex player who knows the way players think, show them that there is still life in the old dogs and then walk away on their terms.

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at an end of season conversation between Terry and Lampard on their take of what happened at Chelsea last season but one thing is for sure given the new fair play regulations and the fact that Abramovich cannot compete against the bank balance of Manchester City. Then the best they can hope for is runner up in the Premier League.

City will again buy the best and if the mega Sponsorship deals with Etihad get FIFA sanction then nobody will touch the new blue dynasty. 

Chelsea need a new Stadium to bring in match  revenue that will close some of the gap but in reality should Di Matteo get the top job at Chelsea and will he need a new player strategy next season?


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