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Burnley say farewell to Chairman Barry Kilby

Barry Kilby stepped down from the role of Burnley Chairman on Friday after 13-and-a-half years.

Kilby explained the role,

“You soon learn it’s not a normal business, everyone has an opinion, and whatever you do in running the business, it all 
depends on what those 11 players do on the pitch.
“If you lose three on the trot, the pies are rubbish and everything is rubbish, if you win three, it’s great and nothing else 

“What happens on the pitch affects everything, and it’s not within your control.

“To be a chairman, you’ve got to understand the club, know when to step back and when to go forward, sometimes you have to 
lead when there’s a crisis, and show the way to your employees.

“The other side is you get too sucked up into the media and are always trying to hear your voice every week – you have to 
know when to step back.

“As a fan it’s easy enough to gamble, but you have to face the bank manager.


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