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Blackburn Rovers owners wield axe

Blackburn Rovers' co-owner Venkatesh Rao may have denied the club will be sold despite their relegation from the Premier League but life in the Championship comes at a cost with cost-cutting already underway.

Deputy chief executive Paul Hunt left the club as a cost-cutting measure rather, surprising for he was only in the job for six months and the "leaked" email, that was sent in December, questioned the direction the club was going in.

Asked if Venky's plan more "cost-cuts", Rao told the Times of India:

"It is not sacking [Hunt] because of that. Some staff have to go to bring the budget down, it is nothing to do with it [the email].''

Rao expects criticism from fans following relegation, but that they had a right to do so.

"We were relegated so naturally they are going to do that,'' he said. "We have to come out of this situation, that's the most important thing. The fans have the right to do what they want."

The Venky's have continued to back Rover's boss Kean but reductions in the player bill is inevitable with reduced revenue from TV, sponsorship, executive boxes and attendances.

Kean has the backing of the academy built up under John Williams’s days, ironic that the chairman was part of the off-field team that won the Premier League while Rovers were relegated.

The business needs a cash injection to maintain the squad and wages at the Premier League level. This will give the club a better squad than most teams in the Championship and a better chance of a quick return to the Premier League. Relegation is likely to cost the club £40m.


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