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Accrington Stanley chairman Marsden has a plan

Peter Marsden rises through the ranks to become chairman of Accrington Stanley after previous chairman Ilyas Khan stepped down.

Khan had stones thrown at his car during his tenure and received abuse from fans about his ethnic origin.

Marsden was by his side at the High Court, pledging to help find the money required to pay off a £308,000 tax bill two seasons ago.

From there he has worked with Khan, who became chairman after first offering the role to Marsden.

The loss of boss John Coleman and Khan during the season was a big blow for the Lancashire minnows and the club's plan to re-locate to a purpose built £7m stadium looks a long way off.

Marsden said in the local paper, the Telegraph,

“I met some of the Accrington guys at Watford and I was telling them about my links with the town and said, ‘Can I join you?’”

“I gave them my phone number and then in typical Accrington Stanley fashion somebody lost my card, so nothing ever happened."

“If you’d told me that years later I’d end up as chairman I’d have thought you were mad.”

Marsden is looking to bring in £150,000 of new investment with a number of local businessmen about to join the board.

Clearly Marsden will miss the backing of millionaire Khan who has bank rolled the club in the past, as with one of the lowest support in the league and aging facilities the club faces a difficult future.


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