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The impact on star players for friendly Internationals comes under spotlight

Premier League Managers has long questioned the International calendar that requires star players to travel the world for meaningless games.

Major league managers have criticised friendly internationals in the past and FIFA’s working party of major stakeholders from the international football community, including confederations, players, clubs and professional football leagues, met in Zurich last Monday with the match calendar post 2014 on the agenda.

The meeting held at FIFA headquarters agreed on a calendar for the 2015-18 period comprising of nine double dates in a two-year cycle, meaning 18 matches in total, with a 10th double date available for the non-European member associations during Euro 2016.

It was agreed that a team shall play both games of the same window in the same confederation; but stated that games can be played in two different confederations provided “precise criteria” such as flight times are fully observed, in order to avoid travel overload for players.

FIFA has declined to add the Olympics and youth tournaments to the calendar, which would then require clubs to make their players available.


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