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Spurs raise the bar in FA cup tribute to Fabrice Muamba

The game last night in the FA Cup quarter final, between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers, was a tribute to Fabrice Muamba where both sets of fans watched a thrilling game that was more than just football but two football communities saddened by recent events praying that the young footballer returns to health.

The British Heart Foundation used the game to raise awareness of emergency CPR and heart health, with time and media space on the perimeter LED boards donated by Sports Revolution.

The first game was abandoned when Bolton's midfielder Muamba collapsed during the initial match. Muamba received emergency CPR and medical treatment from the staff of both clubs as well as Spurs fan Dr Andrew Deaner, a consultant cardiologist at the London Chest Hospital who was in the crowd, before being rushed to hospital.

The heart specialist was a quest of the Tottenham board for last night games.

The need for all clubs at all levels to carry defibrillators that can save a player's life was no more evident.

If you would like more information on how to save lives click below;



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