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Spice up the Tuesday night games and take the players home afterwards

Here’s an Idea that’s not been seen before:

Well, that’s not strictly true!  Sugar sachets have been seen to be produced for individual clubs to handle the volume catering side of a club. They are also produced in the odd area in Europe to support individual clubs.

However, these can be rather pricey when compared with the economy sachets that are produced, so catering companies that may be enlisted by a club tend to avoid them.

Now what hasn’t been seen before is the three pronged offering from Sachets Direct.

The sachets can be done for each individual player meaning that the team can always be kept up to date – even in the transfer windows!

As sugar sachets are produced in full digital colour that means you have photo quality finish, it makes the likelihood of supporters collecting them very positive.

They present the ideal opportunity to be sold in the retail side of the club for the gift that no-one thought of! – and help raise funds for the club at the same time.

The sachets can be used in the boxes, or corporate table at home games. They can be personalised for the game THAT WEEK.

It could be the club one side and a local sponsor on the other – whether an electrician, restaurant, equipment supplier
– in fact anyone who would like to be thought of by the visitors. The level of sponsorship could be decided upon by the club, but could be a very low cost introduction to companies that had never thought of using that medium before.
Perhaps more attractive financially and in exposure than a banner around the ground.

Probably more of interest to the smaller Clubs. The sachets can be sold in your locality as a means of raising funds for the club – and giving something in return rather than banging the empty tin for donations!

The Bonus:
You don’t have a major investment – and you certainly don’t have to worry about large quantities!  Sachets Direct can produce quantities from only 200 sachets – without set up costs and individual colour plate charges.

Sachets Direct would be keen to work with a club on a season basis for home matches – never done before! Therefore they would be looking at very beneficial rates for the first entrant.

However Sachets Direct is not totally new to the football side of things. When Aubrey AFC got to hear about them, they chose to use the medium to celebrate the Centenary of winning their 2nd World Cup back in 1911 when they beat Juventus 6 – 1 !

Of course, if you prefer Sugar sticks to Sachets – these can now be made personalised as well.

Give them a call today on 01743 861974 or email enquiries@sachetsdirect.com to start the 2012/13 season in style.


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