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Portsmouth could go out of business without league money

Because Portsmouth owes money to football creditors, the monthly payments of £200,000 have been withheld.

Administrator Trevor Birch is locked in talks with the Football League to see if vital cash can be handed over to keep Pompey alive. If the cash is secured it would give the club a much-needed financial boost.

The club’s captain Liam Lawrence went to Cardiff on loan for the rest of the season last week in an effort to reduce costs.

Birch was unable to say how much money had been saved by the loan, but said the amount was ‘significant’.

If the club did go into liquidation, then the Pompey Supporters Trust would implement Plan B and see the rise of a new club.

Scott Mclachlan, spokesman for the trust, said: ‘Plan B will only be executed if we go into liquidation. That has never changed. From liquidation we would get people together, which would implement Plan B. At this stage we can’t give any details on that because we don’t know how far we are off that.’

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