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Football chiefs put heads in sand over state of club finances

TV Revenue and Commercial Sponsorship at the top of the game has brought billions into the top clubs but surely the FA and Premier League must take responsibility on how the money is distributed if the business model is sustainable?

"Controlling the amount of money swirling around football is not the responsibility of the Football Association, its chairman said on Friday as the governing body and its arch-foe, the Premier League, put on a united front to claim that the game’s finances were in good health as reported in the financial times"

“I don’t see it as the job of the FA to deal with,” the chairman David Bernstein said at Wembley as he unveiled a long-awaited joint response to the government from the FA, the Premier League and the Football League on how to improve the running of the game.

Unless we see some leadership about ensuring a fairer distribution of money throughout the football pyramid it will not matter about MP's having a say, FIFA having a say. It is about action now to support the game at grass roots levels and stop the talking.

MPs last year raised concerns about football finances, including growing club debt, spiralling player wages and inadequate monitoring of prospective club owners.

This pattern continues to show the business model for the game is flawed with Portsmouth, Port Vale and Rangers announcing financial problems. How many Premier League clubs are financing on future income?

The MPs’ inquiry exposed bitter divisions over football finances between the FA and the Premier League, whose financial power in the English game was blamed by Lord Triesman, the governing body’s former chairman, for blocking long-promised reforms.

The bottom line is that until the Premier League accepts its responsibility to the national game rank and file supporters will say enough is enough. Once their Sky masters call time, the golden goose will be lost for good to our game.

Let the Premier League say we left a lasting legacy to our beautiful game.



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