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Does football need a reality check?

Does football need a reality check? That's the question for our latest on-line poll.

It's been a bad month for football finances if Portsmouth, Rangers and now possibly Port Vale are a litmus test for the industry.

At all three clubs there are calls for outside help because of the effect their demise would have on the local community and the loyal fan base.

There is an argument to suggest that whilst clubs always seem to get rescued, even in a new guise, whilst this happens there will always be owners who will take big risks to achieve success. When the phoenix rises from the ashes, clubs might be able to fulfill their fixtures and the fans will be relieved, but the staff, suppliers, and other creditors are the ones footing the bill. Whilst the players are to an extent protected, that won't be the case if a club ceases to exist.

Football may well have been in drinking in the last chance saloon for too long and were a club the size of Portsmouth to cease trading mid season it would send shock waves through the industry.

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Does football need the reality check of a big club going out of existence?



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