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Do United and City make good role models in title run in?

The Premier League title will envitable go back Manchester this season but are Wayne Rooney and Mario Baratelli really worth the level of wages paid as player costs for many Premier League clubs grew faster than their revenue for the last two years according to Deloitte, and now represent 68 percent of club turnover.

Rangers are the first big name to face a reality check with some players taking a 75% cut in wages to balance the books.

Rising unemployment and the recession is fuelling a backlash over the levels of pay for senior bankers but the top footballers are begining to stretch the loyalty of supporters who pay their hard up cash through the turnstiles.

"For people like me working in the public sector under a pay freeze, it's a kick in the teeth," Arsenal fan Paul Coleman, 24, told Reuters, speaking minutes after his club beat north London rivals, Spur.

The average Premier League players earns £25,000 per week, the equivalent of what an average worker earns in a year.

"When transfer time comes round and you hear about players wanting to leave because they're not being paid enough, but they're on 100 grand a week," fellow fan Chris Walsh said.

"You could buy a house each week. It just makes you sick."

Everton boss David Moyes this week called for everyone in the Premier League to take a 20 percent pay cut, to make the game more affordable for fans.

Rooney and Baratelli take note, unless they want to face the same condemnation as over paid bankers bailed out with supporters cash.


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